White Dragon King Crown Dragon Betta Fish Breeds

White Dragon King Crown Dragon Betta Fish Breeds
White Dragon King Crown Dragon Betta Fish Breeds

Thai Betta Dragon Green Red Koi Halfmoon female. I have never seen one like this before but I definitely want one so badly.

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White dragon king crown dragon betta fish breeds. The blue and red colors were the first and easiest to develop. Heating and filtration is necessary. White bettas differ from the albino betta.

Dragon bettas have two forms of primary mutation. Betta ˈbɛtə is a large genus of small often colorful freshwater ray-finned fishes known as bettas in the gourami family Osphronemidae. Splendens commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish.

Yellow Betta Betta splendens var. CBT-05 Super Yellow Halfmoon Male Betta. A xanthorosa form that is an excess of yellow pigmentation and a black form.

Its just a betta fish like any other except for the sheer majestic glory emanating from its black billowing fins. This is a White Dragon King Crown Betta. Another newer color that has created a stir in the Betta world.

Instead you should get them a larger tank that is at least 5 gallons. 1075728_485623011521336_1845981641_njpg 4448 kB 720x540 - viewed 640 times. I just had to share this amazing looking fish with you all.

The best known Betta species is B. Breeding red dragons pure or otherwise red dragons both pure and multi yellow orange gold platinum mostly dragons possibly some regular some more severely crossed may throw coppers. Betta fish are very exciting fish to keep and will bring life to virtually any tank.

Since dragons are metallic based plus the fact that they have been crossed bred. Youd need either really massive aquariums for these fish or large ponds for many of these fish Indonesian Snakehead Toman Giant Snakehead Red tail catfish Bala sharks Arapaima gigas Goliath tiger fish Arowanas Iridescent shark white dragon crown king betta Black Piranha Black Ghost Knife Peacock Bass Alligator gar Needle nose gar Walking Catfish Giant Pangasius Pictus Catfish Shovel nose catfish Most cichlids Angelfish Discus fish. We are also starting to see this Dragon look in a blue color.

Fish should have full metallic mask. One hour prior to putting him in the tank i made sure the temp stayed at a steady 78 f. Albino bettas are also notoriously unhealthy and prone to dying early.

Now they have been followed by magenta orange white. A heavy thick build up thick of silverywhite metallic layers of that almost resembles armor are called Dragons. Live Betta Fish Male Fancy SUPER Black Copper Butterfly Dragon Halfmoon E729.

Both male and female have been developed through selective breeding. CBY-04 Fancy Marble Mix Plakat Male Betta Betta Female Fancy Marble Blue Rim Buy 4 Get 1 Free 60 Buy 1 for 15. White Dragon King Crown Betta Betta fish Betta Fish.

The fish in the center picture is a young male Cambodian Crowntail Betta and the bottom fish is a Male mostly Blue Crowntail. Many red dragons sold carry white or iridescence rays. Youre better off with a white betta.

Today Betta Dragon fish are available in many bright color patterns and with amazing fins. This trait was designed to have whitesilver body with different colored fins which gives them their names. Albinos are exceedingly rare and they lack pigmentation appearing dull rather than bright white.

White Dragon King Crown Betta. Was produced from further cross breeding splendens to wild types and selectively breeding their offspring. This particular morph is called a White Dragon King Crown Betta.

All three pictures were taken by us of the fish here in our facilities and these pictures are representative of the fish that we offer for sale to our customers. Dragons are metallic based bettas with thick looking scales covering the whole body full masked dragon. Veil tail Betta often abbreviated as VT Betta are the most common Betta type in the pet stores.

The first samurai fighting fish to be discovered and recorded was Black Samurai from Taphong Betta Farm in Rayong province of Khun Wat Wiwatthipnak Professionals in betta fish breeding and development with over 15 years of experience and was one of the first aligners to play a role in the development of the beautiful betta fish industry in Rayong Province. CBR-03 Mixed Plakat Male Betta Koi Nemo With Galaxy Buy 4. This Betta has a long anal and dorsal fin but droops drown from the caudal peduncle.

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