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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Flowers Offered To Hindu Gods

Gods and Goddnesses are divine beings and since they reside in the astral world these divine bodies have the air element predominant in them. The Hindu Buddhist and Jain religions have amassed a wealth of fascinating stories about the species.

Hindu Gods Their Favourite Flowers Hibiscus Flowers Marigold Flower White Flowers

But we need to know which flowers to offer to which God so that we can get the most out of the Hindu ritual.

Flowers offered to hindu gods. Many people like to decorate Deities with flowers in temples at their homes as it gives a divine look to the God Deity. The Favourite Flowers Of Hindu Gods And Goddesses 1. Also note that buds or dried flowers or flowers that have fallen from a tree not be offered to a deities.

That being said Red Hibiscus is indeed the most preferred flower offered to lord Ganesha. There is a story that it arose from the navel of God Vishnu and at the center of the flower sat Brahma. Lord Muruga also known as Skanda Subrahmanya etc is usually offered white or red Arali.

The favourite flowers of Hindu gods. Certain specific flowers are sacred to a particular Hindu gods. Arali is also know as Oleander Kaner in Hindi and Rakatakarabi in Bengali.

While offering flowers use all five fingers. Usually flwoers are offered at the feet of the deity. Offering flowers is an important part of the Hindu tradition.

You can also offer lotus. Lets first start with the importance of the flowers then we will move on to which flowers are dedicated to specific gods. Other favorite flowers that can be offered are rose and Champa flowers Shenbegam.

More ideas for you. Jaswanti flower comes in many different colors. Saturn worship is always done with blue flowers.

So choose the red color if possible. Planet Saturn is worshiped by the Hindus mainly on Saturdays to set off the karmas. Apart from all the flowers that come under Tulsidal all others can be offered to The Vighnaharta.

In Hinduism the flower is said to be the center of the universe. Offering flowers to God know which is the favourite flower of Lord Hanuman favourite flower of Goddess Durga favourite flower of Lord Krishna or other Hindu god and goddess. Marigold is the only flower of the gods that can be distributed with its petals and hence is considered unique.

By adorning flowers to the god he would get satisfied and would offer various boons to us and our life would prosper and we would shine well in our career path. Worshiping Hindu Gods and Goddesses with flower offerings is not only considered auspicious but has its own importance too. Nov 7 2018 - Flowers offered to Lord Muruga Each god in Hindu pantheon has a favorite flower and leaves that is used for Virtual Puja.

Hindu tradition holds great significance in offering flowers to Gods and Goddess but many of us may not be aware that different varieties of flowers are offered to different deities. Here are some precautions to take while offering flowers to Hindu God. Hindu Gods and their favourite flowers.

Hindu gods and rituals are just as flamboyant as the culture itself. Flowers have an important role in Hindu pujas. Lord ganesha any red color flower will do.

Following are some popular flowers offered to the deities. Home Hinduism Hinduism Practices Ritualistic Worship of God Dev Puja Why is a specific flower offered to a specific God. Before you pluck any flower make sure that you pray and request the particular plant to let you pluck a part of it.

Here the gods have their favourite days colours and also flowers. In the Hindu mythology Kama Deva is symbolically presented as mango-blooms. Flowers alongwith other sacred items is symbolic to our respect pair to the god and goddess.

The fragrance of the flowers creates a positive vibration in the minds of the devotees and they would get a greater sense of satisfaction if they offer it to the god with full of devotion in their mind. However the red color jaswanti flower hibiscus is favorite to ganesha. They subtly partake what is offered to them and then pleased with the offering they bless the devotee.

A ritual is not complete without offering flowers to gods. Subsequently they have a keen sense of smell as by their very nature these heavenly beings love good. Although any type of flower can be offered to any God yet there are certain ones which happen to be the favorite flowers of Hindu Gods that can bring you good fortune if offered to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

It must be noted that when a flower is offered with its stalk the sacred vibrations are attracted to the stalk and are then emitted towards the people offering the flower. Flowers offered to hindu gods and goddesses in pooja worship list of flowers offered to hindu gods and goddess in pooja ritual. We should chant the name of the God we are planning to offer the flowers while plucking them.

Flowers offered to hindu gods and goddess. The prana-vayu One of the five vital energies in the leaves flowers and fruits is responsible for the absorption of Sattva waves and the specific Deity. To cite some examples white flower like that of Dhatura is offered to Lord Shiva red cloured flower like Hibiscus for Shri Ganesh and red coloured flowers for Durga devi also.

If the worshipper has more spiritual emotion for these flowers then the frequencies of deities get more activated through the medium of these flowers and work for the worshipper directly. The rituals followed while worshipping a particular god are not complete without offering the gods favourite flower. Always offer the best to Deities.

Lotus flower is also used in Durga and Saraswati propitiation and the flower is also offered to Sun God.

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