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The Rich Jerk of Internet Fame just wrote a new book about his Internet Marketing Strategies for making money with Google AdWords and more... He has made millions with Google AdWords and was ranked Number 1 for over three years for several of the most competitive keywords in the internet database. You too can learn how to match his wits and work his strategy to build a profitable business on line starting soon.

But, first you must understand why most marketers fail in their advertising efforts with Google Adwords. Most marketers fail because they do not understand Google's complex algorithms structure and the demands it places on them to create good performing ads. They hold up their hands in frustrations and give up when their poorly performing ads get disabled, or deleted. In cases like these, Google ask them to bid more in order to keep their showing on various sites. Some just pay whatever Google asks so they keep their poor performing ads placed in rotation and hope that buyers would click on their ads and buy their products and services. They end up losing money this way.

However, quite recently, Google finally allow all approved ads to show on sites, even if your click through rate [CTR] is underperforming. In that case your advertising bill will go through the roof, but your [CTR] will be every poor. In other words, you will not be turning most of your visitors into customers.

Encrypting your link and protect the link from viruses, malware, thief, etc! Made your link safe to visit.

Internet Marketers either do not have the time, skills or the patience to create ads that pulls and one that draws customers like flies. So, they opt to pay more and keep their ads running. They usually have deep pockets. Many of these are major corporations etc.. For Marketers on a budget, the little guy, the skills of creating pulling ads are challenging and those who know how to create thee ads get substantial results and make tremendous profits.

While you can profit more from The Rich Jerk link below, here are some fundamental strategies you can use to create better performing ads that boost your profits: I am assuming that you have already set up a Google Account, understand Google's policy and can create ads within the Google AdWords Website.

1. You must have a deep understanding about what your site is all about. Find the right keywords that would match what you are trying to sell or offer to your visitors. 

2. Once you find that keyword, place it as an exact match, with brackets [keyword here] like this. Find a few other appropriate keywords and do the same, and put them in our keyword list and save it to your campaign. The way the algorithm works, it takes into consideration the other words in your list and extrapolates value rating that makes up our bid price. The better you can focus on selecting your most appropriate keyword the lower your bid price will be. You will obtain a higher CTR with a lower bid price.

3. Create your ad meeting Google's parameters. The wording in your ad must make sense or Google will disable or delete them. In your headline, plug in your keyword. Try to put your keyword in the second line also. In the third line, use "call for action" words.

4. When you use exact match, visitors who type in that keyword will trigger your ad and hopefully buy from you, more than you would with phrase match.. As your watch your results, you'll determine if you want to broaden your scope of your ads. You can then use phrase match like this, "keyword here" in quotes, and while that will lower your CTR because you will be including other visitors out of the exact match keyword area, you will have more clicks. If you are getting 1 click per thousand visitors, that would be an OK result as Google sees it.

According to Google, A CTR of 0.1% is OK, This is considered normal. It is up to you to create strong pulling ads to raise this CTR... Some advertisers get as high as 15.0% CTR. This is remarkable. From these results you can determine where you want to be.

These are some of the strategies the Rich Jerk has used to create his millions. For more detailed strategies, see my resource box below and click on the link shown to find about how the Rich Jerk did it and made his millions and other useful strategies.

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